Hi there, Glad to see you here! My self Abhi Dadhaniya, 22 years old software engineer with a strong passion for JavaScript and Product building.
At 20, I started freelancing and built a service based non registered identity called Gigaweb for 2 years.
Currently, I'm an Intern at Dhiwise (More than design to code to build mobile apps and web apps).
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Journey as a self learner

I started my journey as a self taught developer in 2021. I started learning the basics of web development. I build some really cool projects and shared on social media and it motivated and pushed me towards building more stuff.
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After completing basic frontend development, I published my first portfolio. Then I jumped on backend development with Node.js and Express.js. Again, I experimented with REST APIs and tried building some cool apps.
Then, I came back to the main journey of React.js and Next.js and Build more real world products.
Fork my last portfolio template from here.

Journey as a Freelancer

After learning the full stack development, I and my developer friend had started a freelance agency Gigaweb without registering the brand identity. We were mainly providing a good quality of web design and development services. The motive behind freelancing was learning as well as earning and we learn a lot about building network and connections. We were not focusing on freelancing platforms but we were reaching out to organic clients which came from our network.
You can checkout some of the selected work (products & client work) here.

Internship experience

  1. In 2022, I and four of my friends had started an internship at Jamnagar based startup where we were working on FMS (Fleet Management System) mobile application. We passed out through brainstorming, wireframing, designing to development process. I worked as full stack developer where I build Node.js & Express.js APIs as well as worked in React Native mobile application. After working for 9 months, I dropped this internship.
  1. In 2023, I land on another internship at another startup TheFoodieBee from Jaipur. We’re building QR Code based food ordering systems for restaurants. I worked as a React.js frontend Developer. We’re building four streamlined portals. Restaurant admin, kitchen portal, staff portal and customer portal. I learn a lot about scalable web applications.
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Working with startups were the best opportunities I got. Your role is not perfectly defined in these startups but you can learn a lot of stuff there.