Guide to Learn React.js
Guide to Learn React.js

Guide to Learn React.js

Aug 18, 2023
React is an open source front-end javascript library to build web application and websites. React is build by Facebook in may 2013.
There are so many resources to learn react.js but here, I've shared my journey about how I learned react.js after learning javascript. Before to learn react.js, You've to learn basic javascript concepts.

List of concepts to learn before react

  • Function Declarations and Arrow Functions
  • Template Literals
  • Short Conditionals
  • Three Array Methods: .map() , .filter(), .reduce()
Warning: These array methods are very useful while implementing data populating concepts where you'll fetch data from an API to your front-end interface. very useful while implementing data populating.
  • Object Tricks: Property Shorthand, Destructuring, Spread Operator
  • Promises + Async/Await Syntax
  • ES Modules + Import / Export syntax
Here's the blog post to refer all the things and I've list out above concepts from this article.

Learning perspectives

There are 2 learning point of views by my side.
  1. Learn concepts by doing projects.
  1. Learn concepts by making notes for those concepts.
Personally, I prefer 1st aspect to learn any technology. Again, there's nothing is wrong with 2nd point of view. It's also a good way to learn concepts. But 2nd way is better when if we are learning any particular programming language.

Here's, Why I prefer 1st way to learn react.js

I've noticed one thing while learning react.js or learning any framework or library implementation where every youtuber or anyone who is teaching react.js, there are directly implementing concepts of that library or framework in any project and again trust me, It's the best way to learn framework.
Tip: The best way to learn any framework is from it's own documentation.

Where We've to learn React.js

So, Finally came to the point, I wasn't following any particular course from youtube or udemy. I switched to many courses and tutorials and finally I've realized the one thing, which is to learn react.js by doing projects and implementing concepts in my projects.

Personal advice to learn React.js

So, my personal advice to learn react.js is to not stick to any one course or tutorial. The best way to learn react.js is to explore blogs which is written by developers but for that you need to get an index or kind of roadmap of react.js
So, first explore react.js road map (github repository) and then go with the flow. You can also follow youtube videos for any specific concept or a topic.

Why I prefer online tutorials over books?

React.js versions update on daily bases. In current version of react@18.2.0 There are top updates and it changes some code base of index root files. In this versions they've updated to server side rendering apis. So, the point is when you're learning from books, it can't be update but online tutorials can be. That's why, I prefer to learn from online resources.

Creating animations with react.js

There's one of the best library to create animations with react.js is called Framer Motion.

React.js examples

Here, I'm mentioning the best websites for react examples
I and my developer friend Rohan have created free resources to master full stack web development by using this free resources.
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