Here’s how I got selected at DhiWise
Here’s how I got selected at DhiWise

Here’s how I got selected at DhiWise

Nov 7, 2023
Software developer
Recruitment process

Introduction of Dhiwise

Dhiwise was founded by Vishal virani sir and Rahul shingala sir in 2021. They started with a vision of solving the productivity for developers.

Common problems in development

While creating a project we always have to setup some common structure for the front-end like, routine setup, styling framework, design system, components etc. If we take a look at back-end side, while creating the REST Api, there are also some of the common problems occurring like setup of authentications, email services, Api routing etc.

Capabilities of Dhiwise

Frontend development with React.js
For frontend, we can directly convert design to code by just uploading the Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch files to the software. Dhiwise is more than design to code. You can setup authentication, integrate Apis and you’ll have production ready code which you don’t need to download. You can directly deploy on frontend hosting platforms like vercel.
Backend development with Node.js
To develop REST Api using Node.js and Express.js, you can choose architecture between MVC and Clean code. Also you can choose your favorite database from Mongodb, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. One of my favorite part is, controller design using their drag and drop features.
Dhiwise also provides the TypeScript support in generated codebase.
Dhiwise also provides the TypeScript support in generated codebase.
Mobile application development
You can development mobile application for Android(Kotlin) and IOS(Swift) separately as well as cross platform mobile applications using Flutter.
After checking Dhiwise product for the first time, Literally I was shocked by the capabilities of Dhiwise and I feel that, this is the software that I was looking for.
If I start talking about Dhiwise capabilities, this article will never gonna be end 😂.

Recruitment process

In recruitment process of Dhiwise, There were three rounds.
  1. Video presentation of entire Dhiwise software
  1. Practical task (Generative AI or AI Deep learning)
  1. Technical interview

Round 1 : Video presentation of Dhiwise software

I had 7 days to prepare the best outcome for the first round. I came from JavaScript and relevant technologies background, So I can relate to the each and every functionality of the product. Once you have the curiosity and you start exploring, you can learn anything you want to.
From this 7 days, It took a day to prepare the well structured outlines for the video and then three to four days to record my video. In remaining days, I properly edited the video and The best outcome was ready to present.
notion image

Round 2 : Practical task (Code Analyzer)

I choose Generative AI task because as I said, I came from JS/TS background so that after understanding the each and every requirements clearly, I started brainstorming with Chat GPT and also asked to some of the experienced developer and professors but no one was able to give the exact solution that was needed. Requirement was to analyze the React.js project of any public github repository provided as input.
I had choice to build CLI(Command line interface) tool or GUI(Graphical user interface) tool but I had 14 days of time period so I choose to make the best possible outcome.
After a lot of research, I started code and tried to full fill each and every requirement listed.
Technologies, I used to build code analyzer
  • Frontend : Next.js
  • Backend : Node.js & Express.js Rest API, File operations, Child processes
7 Steps process of code analyzer I built
  1. Cloning the provided public github repository at Node.js server
  1. Listing out the files and folders of the repository
  1. Dependency graph
  1. ES Lint Report
  1. API Flow analysis
  1. Download formatted codebase
  1. New feature suggestion


I used a public repository from github to analyze. Here’s the repository.
File and Folder structure:
notion image
Dependency map:
I got this idea from obsidian software where they provide the relationships between files in their desktop app and also they have implemented this kind of graphs in their documentation.
notion image
ESLint report:
In this functionality, The entire codebase of provided repository will be executed by ESLint and a detailed report will be generated as you can show in below image.
notion image
If you want to check out the AI Deep Learning task, you can visit Teesha Ghevariya's Blog.

Round 3 : Technical interview

Ravi Sojitra had taken my personal interview and asked me relevant questions about frontend development as well as projects that I had built and mentioned technologies from my resume. Here are some of the topics that we’ve discussed Typescript, React.js, React native, TailwindCSS, Next.js 14 etc.


Dream big and work hard. The rest of remaining leave on your luck, You’ll definitely land on your dream job. So, That’s all about the recruitment process of Dhiwise. Hope you enjoyed and got the fruitful knowledge.
I’m a software developer from India who is passionate about building the products. Currently, I'm an AI intern at DhiWise, which is a platform that helps you build clean, scalable, and customizable Node.js, Kotlin and React code. Focus on what matters as a programmer and let DhiWise do the rest.
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