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Power Your Applications with Intelligent Metadata
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Meta Magnet is a metadata API service that provides you with the metadata of any URL. It is a free and open-source service that can be used by anyone. It is built using NodeJS, ExpressJS, and Supabase.


  • Get metadata of any URL
  • Provide a server solution at affordable prices

How to use

  • Go to Meta Magnet and enter the URL in the input field.

Purpose of this project

  • To provide an affordable solutions for developers who want to use metadata in their applications
  • Heroku was no longer providing free dynos for the project, so I decided to create an express.js server and host it on Vercel to test the performance of the server.


  • The biggest challenge was to run a scheduler which would run every 24 hours to reset the limit of the API calls.
  • The second challenge was to host the server on Vercel, as it was my first time hosting a server on Vercel.
  • To create a middleware that would check the limit of the API calls as well as the API key is valid or not and the plan (free or pro) of the user.

Applied solutions

  • There's a package for scheduler in NodeJS called node-cron, which can be used to run a scheduler.
  • But the good news for me was Supabase has a built-in cron scheduler which can be used to run scheduler sql queries in their built in sql editor.
  • This tool is very helpful to create cron jobs scheduler time patterns.

What I learned

  • I learned how to host a server on Vercel.
  • I learned how to use Supabase.
  • I learned Cron scheduler to reset daily quota.